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Educator Profile and Services Offered

Jonathan D. Mesisca has recently embarked on his dream endeavor, Outlet Acting School.  His own Youth Performing Arts Program serving ages 4-18 is now in its third year.  He most recently served as Lead Youth Theatre Instructor and Head of New Curriculum Development at the Harlem School of the Arts.  In addition, he serves as Theatre Program Director at Our Sacred Heart of Jesus School in Midtown West for Grades K-8.  This location served as his first OAS location.  He has recently acted as Theatre Specialist at the Harlem Children's Zone for Grades 6-9.  Prior to these experiences, Jonathan implemented a new acting program and served as a full-time Drama Instructor for 4 years (2009-2013) in the South Bronx under the NYCDOE.  He has also served as Drama Director with StageCoach UES and the International City Theatre (Long Beach, CA).  Jonathan has created, designed, and implemented innovative Theatre Arts programs for the last 12 years and is proud to instruct and share his personal curriculum and best Theatre for Youth Practices.  He is currently working on adapting his curriculum to textbook format to make it easily accessible to teacher and student populations.  Jonathan is currently looking for schools to partner with in the Winter/Spring 2018 School Year.   Interested schools may contact him by emailing
Program Participants Include:  Webster Elementary School, New Rochelle, NY; St. Barnabas Elementary, Bronx NY; Sacred Heart of Jesus, Manhattan, NY
Education:  M.A. Education, B.A. Theatre from the University of Southern California. 

Private Lessons- 1 on 1 Coaching- Tutoring


Private lessons/1 on 1 coaching for the stage includes but is not limited to:  monologue direction, audition song selection/preparation, dialect instruction (NYC, Southern, British, German, Russian, Irish), scene preparation, speech instruction, social and interaction skills and best practices.


Tutoring K-5 includes but is not limited to homework assistance, reading and writing interventions, social and interaction skills and best practices.


Price is negotiable based on needs of individual student.   


Group Courses Grades K-5


This program exposes students to Theatre through the realm of creativity and performance.  In this course, students activate and use their imaginations as well as the analytical and process skills associated with acting.  The students will participate in group activities, including creative play, storytelling, pantomime and improvisation.  They will explore the three tools of the actor: the body, voice and imagination as they develop an understanding of dramatic structure.   Through attendance and participation, students will connect their learning of theatre to and from other disciplines.  The students will demonstrate their theater learning by sharing and performing for others in the community.  


Courses begin at 8, 10, 12, and 16 week sit downs.  Minimum 6 students, maximum 25.


Group Courses Grades 6-12


Through the performing arts, this course spotlights on the individuals understanding of oneself in terms of social, racial, environmental and physical concerns.  The theme of education’s importance will be prevalent throughout the session as the students are encouraged to become individuals of good character who establish positive influences and role models within their community.  These individuals will possess a positive image of themselves and develop respect for those around them, regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, or social class.  Students will demonstrate their theater learning by sharing and performing for others in the community.  Through an exploration of theatre and context, students connect personal experience to an understanding of theatre.


Courses begin at 8, 10, 12, and 16 week residencies.  Minimum 6 students, maximum 25.

Outlet Acting School

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